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Welcome to the

Kwiat Quantum Information Group

in the Department of Physics in Engineering & LAS at Illinois

About us

We are a quantum information research group in the physics department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Our research interests include:

  • Fundamental studies of quantum mechanics
  • Optical quantum information resources including single-photon sources, single-photon detectors, sources of entanglement, quantum random number generators, and adaptive optics
  • Applications such as quantum key distribution, quantum state and process tomography, quantum state creation and remote preparation, hyperentanglement-enhanced quantum communication, quantum-enhanced precision measurements, and quantum memory
  • The interaction of quantum states of light with biological systems, including the human visual system

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Exploring the limits of quantum nonlocality

We used entangled photons to test quantum non-locality in ways that were previously beyond experimental reach, and achieved the "most nonlocal" correlations ever reported. Read more in the open-access paper: "Exploring the Limits of Quantum Nonlocality with Entangled Photons," Bradley G. Christensen, Yeong-Cherng Liang, Nicolas Brunner, Nicolas Gisin, and Paul G. Kwiat in Physical Review X.

Squinting to see a single photon

Can you see a single photon? Quantum optics may help us find out. Read more: "Squinting to see a single photon" via APS News

Take a walk through a loophole-free Bell test

Congratulations to graduate students Brad Christensen and Michael Wayne, former undergraduate Daniel Kumor, and researchers from NIST and several other institutions, who have used entangled photons in a loophole-free Bell test. We also thank graduate student Kristina Meier and undergraduates Joseph Chapman and Malhar Jere. Take a walk through the experiment in this video, and read more:

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