Initial Stellar Model

The stars obey a polytropic equation of state: P=χρ01+1/n, with χ=constant. We choose n=1 to mimick stiff nuclear matter. In addition, the rotation law is given by

(ut)(uφ) = (Req)2 A2c - Ω),

where Ω is the angular velocity of the fluid, Ωc is Ω on the rotation axis, and Req is the equatorial coordinate radius. A is a dimensionless parameter that measures the degree of differential rotation, chosen to be unity in the simulations. This rotation law has been found to be a good approximation to the angular velocity profile of proto-neutron stars formed from core collapse. In the Newtonian limit, it reduces to

Ω = Ωc / (1 + r2/Req2)

(r is the cylindrical radius.)

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