Whys Guys feat. Prof. Paul Kwiat

05.20.2020 Evaporating Droplets

05.13.2020 Evaporation and Entropy

05.06.2020 Terminal Velocity, Part 2

05.01.2020 How Fast Things Fall

03.04.2020 Radiometers

2.26.2020 Evaporation

1.22.2020 Peltier Refrigerator

1.15.2020 Temperature Dependence of Metals

1.08.2020 Thermometers, Finale, Part 2

12.18.2019 Thermometers, Finale, Part 1

12.11.2019 Thermometers, Continued

11.27.2019 Meat Thermometers

09.11.2019 Photons

08.21.2019 Electricity, Magnetism, and LabEscape

05.15.2019 Magnetic-Field Sensing Paper, and LabEscape

05.08.2019 Paramagnetic Liquid O2 and Demagnetic Ferromagnet with Heat

05.01.2019 Diamagnetic Grapes, Hi-TC Superconductor and Levitating Frog

04.24.2019 Magnetic Cheerios and Money

03.27.2019 Temperature Dependence of CO2 Solubility, More Trouble for the Earth

3.20.2019 The Downside of Positive Feedback and the Melting-ice Albedo Problem

03.13.2019 Greenhouse Effect (and why your car is hot in the summer!)

01.02.2019 Matt's Weird Folder Part 2: Not Diffraction!

12.26.2018 Christmas Week: Matt's Weird Folder: Not a Mirror

12.10.2018 Phase Transitions, Supercooled Water, Latent Heat, and Hand Warmers

10.31.2018 He and SF6

09.12.2018 Hot Air Balloons

9.05.2018 Cartesian Divers, Pressure

8.15.2018 Efficiency of Various Lights using Thermal IRCAM

7.18.2018 LabEscape: Spectral Puzzle

6.20.2018 Photochromism and Suntan Lotion

5.02.2018 LabEscape

4.25.2018 Polarization, Stress Induced Birefringence, Optical Cavity: Karo Demo

6.19.2019 Smart Windows