Flash Physics

Learning Physics with Flash

Our group has been involved for several years now in creating and implementing web-based activities to help students engage in learning physics. Most notably are our Interactive Examples which have been implemented in all of our introductory courses. Also, we have recently been introducing Interactive Online Lectures into some of our introductory courses as well. To continue on in our tradition of web-based activities, we have begun exploring how we can implement Adobe Flash into the learning of physics.

This is a new area of interest in our group that is currently being lead by two of our graduate students: Adam and Michael. Because the creation of these activities is time-intensive, our first creations will deal with some of the most common difficulties encountered by our introductory students. Our first "simulation," for lack of a better term, is on relative motion: specifically on motion in a stream.

Another research group that has developed physics simulations in Flash and Java is the Physics Education Research Group at Colorado (PER@C). Their PhET project encompasses simulations covering a wide range of physics topics and are free to use.

This site will be updated regularly as existing projects are modified and new ones are added.

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