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Press Release: 3D Anderson Localization of Ultracold Matter



Our group was recently the first to publish the realization of 3D Anderson Localization of quantum matter waves; see Science 334, 66 (2011). For the University of Illinois press release, see this link. There is also a nice story on PhysOrg. And, yes, that is a photo of University of Illnois School of Music student Aaron Romm (son of Ron Romm) surrounded by 70 green balloons on stage at the Great Hall of the Krannert Performing Arts Center.

Professional Bio

brian's photoOriginally from upstate NY, I did my undergraduate work at SUNY Geneseo where I got my start in research. While at Geneseo, I worked for Steve Padalino and Kurt Fletcher in the Nuclear Structure Laboratory on calibrating neutron detectors. That first taste of real research was enough to ignite my interest in experimental physics for life, and in 1996 I left NY for Boulder, Colorado to pursue a PhD in physics. I originally started as a research assistant for Eric Cornell at JILA, switching to work with Deborah Jin in 1997. Together, Debbie and I produced the first Fermi gas of atoms. I defended my dissertation in 2001, and went down the road to NIST in Boulder to work with David Wineland on trapped ion quantum computing experiments. In August 2003, I left mountainous Boulder, Colorado to join the faculty of the Physics department at UIUC in the flatlands of Illinois. Click the CV link above for a full listing of publications and awards. My family blog can be found here. You can listen to my appearance on Car Talk at this link.

Research Program

At UIUC I am establishing a research program aimed toward using ultra-cold atom gases for quantum simulation. Check out the research link for links to relevant papers and a description of the group. You might also like to read a recent LiveScience article featuring our research. Or, check out the same story with some video on the NSF Discoveries site. William also has a blog with the Discovery Channel.

Research Team

I'm lucky to work with a fantastic team of students and postdocs. Click the people link for more details.


I reguarly teach a graduate course on Atomic Physics. A copy of my DAMOP 2008 lecture on quantum degenerate gases is here (or here in PDF).

Midwestern Cold Atom Workshop

The first annual Midwestern Cold Atom Workshop was held at UIUC on November 19, 2005. MCAW is now a yearly workshop; see for more details.

Data for Three-Dimensional Anderson Localization of Ultracold Matter, Science 344, 66 (2011); DOI: 10.1126/science.1209019

Data for: figure 1, figure 2, figure 3, figure 4. All files are comma-delimited; details are contained within.

MRAF algorithm

A MATLAB implementation of the MRAF algorithm (with example kinoforms) can be found here.

Job Openings

We're always looking for good people to join the group...

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