Initial Configuration of the SMS

The post-Newtonian and fully general relativistic simulations begin with the same initial star. It is uniformly rotating at mass-shedding and marginally unstable to radial collapse.

The equation of state is dominated by thermal radiation pressure and given by the following:

We cut away the front half of the star to show the density profile in the meridional plane. Density is plotted on the logarithmic scale shown below. Densities are color-coded relative to the central density.

Because the star is rotating at the mass-shedding limit, it is oblate. The polar and equatorial radii are Rp/M = 411 and Req/M = 619, respectively. The initial spin is J/M2 = 0.97. These parameters and profiles are independent of mass for the marginally unstable configuration. Hence a single simulation suffices for all masses.

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